Why Me?

The answer is simple. No one else teaches like me. Time and again I hear “I don’t know what I am doing wrong”. Well, this is not another 7-iron exercise where you hit ball after ball on the range. I will take you on the course and on the range. By observing you and through the use of cutting edge technology, I will hone in on the cause of your difficulties. I am going to give you the tools to fix your problem and improve your game. My lessons are two hours in length, minimum, part of which is spent in the practice areas to learn technique and part of which is on the course for practical application. I teach the eight areas of the game including six technical areas, course management, and the mental aspects of the game. Applying theories that I've developed during years of teaching, competition, and studying professionals like Bob Rotella, Michael Bender, Deepak Chopra, Michael T. Lardon, Hank Haney, Joseph Parent, Daniel Coyle and others, I will help you understand the mental game of golf to help you develop a positive mind set for better golf and increase your enjoyment.


Born in California in 1968 and raised in Idaho, golf was an unlikely sport. From the first time he held a golf club in his hand Gil knew that he would make golf his profession. Gil continues to play competitive golf and balances his time between teaching and competing; but teaching is where he derives the most joy. “I believe that the greatest thing I can do is show you how to find your swing. That’s what I get really excited about, that’s why I teach.”

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